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Quinlan Circle Weekly Update – 8/8/2021

Time for a Quinlan Qupdate…or a Quinlan Quinlupdate, if you prefer. (If you prefer neither of these, then you really have no choice.)

Releases This Week

ATL: Stories from the RetrofutureDog Days in Hotlanta: Chapter 40

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a SystemChapters 129130

Thedude3445’s BlogSkaianet Systems Incorporated – Humor Changes [2019]

Letter from the Editor

Greetings. It is I, Joi Massat. Since I’m in grad school in the United States, summer vacation is coming to a close and I am laying low like a sulky dog. I’m excited but, at the same time, sluggish.

I wish you sweet summer vibes in this the dawning of August!

– Joi


I just read the first three volumes of Golden Kamuy (and I mean literally JUST read), so…I’m gonna have to recommend that.


ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

StarCrash!! with Jeff

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System

Uhh, Reincarnation Goddess? You Forgot to Give Me the System

Invisible Werewolf Dracula meets Vampire Mummy Frankenstein

Hands Held in the Snow

Rainbow Destructor

Tuesday Serial

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