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Author: Thedude3445

Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 46: The Ceremony

Mikka and the other members of the XSS Savior stood on a stage, each of them receiving various medals to commend their service and bravery in the Rainbow Star Mission. They saved the entire crew of every ship of the Grand Thylium Fleet from being turned into fictional characters for some demented being’s stories, and while the psychological counseling cost for so many affected soldiers proved to be strenuous, it was much better than having lost an entire navy.

Mikka stood in front of a podium to give a speech.

Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 42: Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Story?

Koin was the member of the XSS Savior who struck my greatest fancy. She was a brilliant mechanic, looked amazing in a dress, and could speak to my intellect quite a bit better than most of the crew. She was not as unapproachable as Yvanetta, so I was able to ask her out on a date much more easily than otherwise.