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Author: Thedude3445

Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 5: Story of the Lost Mushroom

“The Story of the Lost Mushroom, starts, as many do, in a large forest teeming with trees and grass and animals off in some distant world,” Luminosa began. Mikka, Lor, and Tor crowded around her close, all while sipping on their bowls of sauteed bacon soup. Mikka in particular watched intently as Luminosa brushed through her silvery hair and twirled a bit of it around her finger, as she always did at the beginning of her tales.

Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 4: Warp Zone

The Savior sped through the Warp Zone, and its inhabitants, the seven crew members of the cruiser, were readying themselves for whatever laid at their destination where CATS was seemingly destroyed. Engineer Koin was running diagnostics on the ship to make sure that everything was in order for the somewhat-likely firefight that the ship was going to go through (okay, let’s be honest, there was a hundred percent chance of a firefight; that’s just how these things went down). Wins was with her to help, as there was no piloting to be done while the ship was jumping through an alternate dimension.

Koin was currently working on one ray shield generator that seemed to have been damaged while the team was loading the creature on-board (a very violent, very exciting story that would be good for another day).