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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 9: Swarm

Hundreds of pitch-black ships (actually some sort of alien beasts) swarming around it, trying to take it apart piece by piece, the XSS Savior charged forward, towards the rainbow sun. It fired laser bolts from all sides, destroying as many enemies as it could, but the number was simply too great. Even as they maneuvered around the blasts and the ship maneuvered around them, the enemy ships were still ripping it apart, ramming into it sending the entire crew onto the floor every few moments.

The Savior’s shields were at a mere eight percent. It simply wasn’t holding together for much longer, especially if it remained stuck within the rampaging squadron swirling around it. It, with help from Wins’s skilled piloting, tried to escape its attackers, weaving in and out for moments at a time, all while advancing towards the sun. But that was proving to be very difficult under the circumstances, and the ship continued to be pulverized.

It was no exaggeration to say that these ships, so black they were nearly invisible in the depths of space, were like a tornado of depth. They certainly acted like it, functioning much more like a hivemind than an actual squadron of fighters. Of course, being bug-like aliens, that was probably actually the truth.

Everyone on the deck was trying to hold it together. Mentally, and physically, as the ship’s status continued to deteriorate. One of the left guns had been disabled, and Koin was rushing back and forth across the ship trying to repair the damaged shield generators as best as it could be done.

Commander Mikka stared forward, at that rainbow sun. Occasionally, the enemy ships were so great in number that they blocked out that view entirely, but she kept it her mind. They had to reach that point. There was absolutely a reason why these ships were attacking so soon… This star, so strange and out of place in the universe, HAD to have something about it. Running away would only end up with the Savior being annihilated, just like the ships in the Thylium Grand Army.

They were getting close. The ship’s shields were down to three percent. Once they went, the entire cruiser would likely be destroyed in seconds, so every moment counted.

“Koin,” Mikka asked on the intercom. “If we divert all power from shields into our engines, how fast will we go?”

She heard some laughing in return. “You’re absolutely insane, Commander.” A second passed. “We’ll fry the engines after fifteen seconds, but it’ll be fast enough to break free from the swarm.”

“Well then, Maenad, do exactly that.”


The engines roared from behind and the Savior rocketed ahead of the swarm, who had so little time to react that they ended up crashing into each other. There were still at least fifty of them left, and they had no shields, but it was good that they did such a good job of taking them out.

The ship started thudding violently. Oh gnack, was it breaking apart? Mikka asked Koin, “What’s going on down there?”

A warning siren then went off, and Maenad’s icon went on. “Breakage in systems. All our storage container are now unseal.”

Then a roar reverberated across the ship.

Koin, from the intercom, screamed.

The creature in the cargo bay hold had broken free.


Nobody replied, because everyone was so focused on not dying that her screams were simply noise.

They were almost to the rainbow star. Close enough that it wasn’t trapping them in its gravitational pull, but getting to be a little hot for comfort–

Swirls of color began to appear around the deck. Violets and aquamarines, yellows and crimsons. Mikka felt a strange sense of calm sweep her. That was… really weird.

The rainbow sun suddenly became a lot closer than she realized.

The engines were exploding, but then, before everything went to hell and everyone was killed… everything became color.

What a day this was becoming.

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