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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 8: Lor and the Battle

Everything moved in slow motion when Lor was in the middle of situations like these.

No matter what her brain was doing, everything around her moved so slowly that she felt like she could think for miles before anything actually happened.

Right now she was gripping the handles of the controls for the Savior’s right-side gunners. They were slightly automated, shooting rapidly at the position they were facing, but Lor had to aim all three of them, making sure they were firing at the correct positions. In any normal circumstance, this would be next to impossible, but seeing as everything around her was moving as if it were in near-standstill, she could think and ponder her next moves.

The ships around her… were not ships, she realized. They moved like ships, zigging and zagging around space with rapid propulsion, but if one were able to freeze time, they could make out distinct features on these enemy combatants. They resembled something closer to insects than anything else, with snarling mouths and a thick black exoskeleton covering their bodies. Giant, ship-sized insects, swarming the Savior in a group numbering at least a hundred. And they didn’t even show up on the ship’s radar, either.

At least they went down like bugs. Their flaming (for a few moments before the vacuum of space doused them) carcasses were starting to litter the battlefield, and it was easy to hit one almost every shot of each of her three guns.

It was almost fun.

Lor was a new recruit on this ship, alongside her twin sister Tor. They were fresh from the Academy, just twenty-four years old when they were put on the roster and scooped up into the fold. Tor was still so shy, like a child, it was unfair to put her in such a dangerous position so quickly.

With the slowness of an ongoing firefight, Lor looked over to the opposite side of the deck, where on an identical console she aimed the left-side gunners. Tor was the real reason they got recruited. She was the real brawns here, a woman with the muscle that could beat most anyone in a fight. She wasn’t particularly tall, but she was big enough to take down the majority of human threats, at least among everyone they had faced as crewmembers on the Savior so far.

It just wasn’t fair to her to be shuffled into the fold like this. She could barely speak to any other human beings, so they had to bring Lor aboard as well just to help her out. Lor was fine with it, but she knew one day they were going to be pulled apart, and that was going to be a very painful time for her sister.

She just really cared about Tor a lot. She was such a cute girl and deserved the best in the world. After all that happened to them over the years, she didn’t want any more harm coming her way, no matter what it could take.

Assuming they weren’t all killed in the next few moments.

Now was clearly a poor time to be thinking about this, what with the screams of all her crewmates and an explosion rocking against the side of the ship, the computer AI screaming about the impending status of the ship. But Lor had a lot of time to think during these times, so she wanted to make it count.

She flicked a switch and fired off a rocket towards one of the alien ships, watching it fly slowly towards its target.

War was hell, but it gave Lor a bit of calm.

She looked back again, this time at Commander Mikka, who was shouting something.



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