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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 7: The Approach

Wins’s eyes were wide open as she viewed the remains of the carnage laid on the Thylium Grand Army Fleet. They were usually always wide open as her genetic makeup caused her eyes to be three times as big as the normal human’s, but these sparkling blue spheres were sparkling in horror at the moment.

“What the gnack happened here?” Commander Mikka asked. Nobody answered, because they were all wondering the same thing.

It wasn’t hard to fly through the debris, and the smallest bits evaporated against the Savior’s shields, but it was a horrifying site. Cruisers cracked in half, capital ships crushed against the weight of some unknown force.

But no bodies.

Normally, in a battle this massive, there would be plenty of unfortunate souls lost to the hellfire, floating in space for the rest of eternity until someone came to clean things up, but as far as Wins could see, there was nothing but hunks of metal and plastic.

The wreckage, because of the sheer number of huge warships, blocked the view of anything past it. It was clear from the formation of the fleet that they were in retreat by the end of the battle, but some of the ships were still facing in the opposite direction. Wins flew the Savior further towards this direction, making sure to stick close to the former capital ships in case they were soon spotted.

The ship zoomed in and around, making it further towards whatever lay past the ship graveyard. The deck was silent.

Lor and Tor were both tensed up, holding the triggers to their cannons tightly. Luminosa stepped down from beside Mikka and leaned over at Wins. she put her hand on her shoulder, which put Wins at ease, but failed to help her concentrate.

And finally, they passed the last of the ships, all pointing towards–


In front of them, obscured from view until now was a small star. A rainbow star. Its flames, even from half a solar system away, shone in a glowing, colorful hue, its blues and greens, oranges and violets swirling about and pulsing across the nearby vicinity.

“That’s not possible in real life, it’s just not,” Koin said. “Stars simply don’t do that kind of… It has to be a trick.”

Wins kept the ship on approach towards the system’s apparent sun, but she felt increasingly apprehensive as they drew closer.

“Maenad,” Mikka said to the ship’s AI. “Data on the Zig System, please. This system has been fully charted, right?”

“The correct assumption that there reports no irregularities. Rainbow suns never appear in record.”

“Well then, gnack.” Mikka scanned her eyes across the area and looked at the 3D radar. Nothing. Just a little…

“Commander, what’s that?” Koin asked.

A smidge of the rainbow star was blotted out by dark shapes. And it was coming closer.

The 3D radar still showed nothing.

It was coming in a swarm, thousands of… something.

“Commander, sir,” Wins said. “What do I do? What do I do?”

Mikka looked back at the former Thylium Grand Army Fleet behind her, and then looked ahead. “Don’t turn back. Not yet.”

The swarm grew close. The radar still went without a beep.

Mikka realized she probably wasn’t getting that promotion as easily as she thought.

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  1. What a Fine Father Frost What a Fine Father Frost

    Don’t worry, just make sure your report is done by the next Quarter and that promotion will be ripe for the taking, Miika!

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      She won’t be able to complete this report is she is no longer alive 🙁

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