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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 44: The Return

The XSS Savior’s engines were depleted, and the monster captured from Dexon-C was currently rampaging in the cargo hold, but the seven women in the crew were more than glad to be back. Koin locked Wins into a hug, both of them crying, though Wins’s crying was much more than tearful joy.

Once they patched everything up, they flew back towards the graveyard of destroyed ships from the Thylium Grand Fleet, only to find that it was not a graveyard at alll.

CATS greeted them on the main screen. “You did it… I don’t know how you did it, but you saved us all, Captain Mikka. Thank you so much.”

“Buy me dinner and we’ll call it even,” Mikka said.

Yvanetta cringed reflexively at this remark, but then she laughed along with the rest of them anyway. She wasn’t quite sure what came over her just then.

Tor and Lor went down to the mess hall area to discuss a private matter. Tor whispered in Lor’s ear for quite some time, going on for a while about something important.

Lor blushed. She replied, saying, “It’s completely fine, Tor. I know that… you know. The author did all that. We don’t have to… definitely not. In fact, let’s never talk about that again.”

Tor whispered in her ear again.

Lor blushed again.

Koin returned from resealing the cage for the monster, and passed by Wins, who was still crying, kneeling down against a wall. Koin kneeled down next to her and hugged her once more. Neither of them spoke.Nothing would ever come of this moment romantically, of course, but it was one of the most potent moments in each of their memories.

“Attention everyone,” Mikka said on the intercom. “We’re heading back to Veicion to deliver the monster. Let’s get the hell out of this system and get ourselves some money!” She cheered, and the Savior blasted into the Warp Zone.

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