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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 43: Destruction of the Rainbow Star

The women of the XSS Savior phased back into reality, entering the platform in the middle of the Rainbow Star.

Wins was the only one in despair; Sor simply disappeared without notice, falling into whatever had become of the author’s mind.

“I know how to destroy this thing,” Dr. Yammoh said. “I discovered it earlier when Luminosa was trying to toy with us.”

“What the hell is it, then?” Koin asked. “Because I am NOT dealing with this shit anymore.”

“It’s easy. The physics of this place rely entirely on the understanding of the author. Science and chemistry, biology and math; it is all irrelevant as long as the author does not understand the specific concepts.”

“So then what do you propose?” asked Mikka.

“We shoot it.”

“Uh, what?”

“Give me that gun,” Yammoh said to Brit. She snatched it away and then plugged several bullets into the surface of the star. They shattered and the star began to fluctuate wildly. “The author doesn’t understand how stars work, which is why we’re able to stay in here. This is less of a star than an ethereal realm, really. If we mess with it, then we will be able to get out easily.”

“And then we’ll be back in space, dying in the cold vacuum, right?” Koin did not seem pleased about this at all.

“I don’t think so. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised about it,” said Yammoh. “That’s my educated guess, at least.”

“Oh, great. An educated guess.”

Everyone began firing any weapons they had right at the star; this included Yammoh, Lor, Tor, and Koin.

Soon, the star began to fade away. It wasn’t a climactic explosion, or a sudden implosion; it simply disappeared before their eyes.

And as it disappeared, the XSS Savior began to reappear.

The Rainbow Star was destroyed.

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