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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 42: Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Story?

Koin was the member of the XSS Savior who struck my greatest fancy. She was a brilliant mechanic, looked amazing in a dress, and could speak to my intellect quite a bit better than most of the crew. She was not as unapproachable as Yvanetta, so I was able to ask her out on a date much more easily than otherwise.

I followed her daily routine closely; she woke up every morning at six, went to the local coffee shop at seven-thirty and read a novel, and then on most days went to the park to jog. Her routine was static even despite a job to anchor it around; she was just that kind of woman. However, I knew, because I am who I am, that she felt stuck in a life where her skills were simply not of use.

So I decided it would be best to intervene for myself and become the anchor she would plan her life around. It all started when I entered the coffee shop and bumped into her, spilling my pumpkin spice latte on myself. Oh geez, I said.

“Oh no, let me get that for you,” Koin said.

No no no, it’s alright, I tell her. Actually, you know what? I wanted to make this shirt tye-dyed anyway. This just makes it look more beautiful.

Koin laughed softly, like the kind people give when they know you told a joke but don’t understand what is supposed to be funny.

“Do you need another latte?” she asked.

It’s alright. I’m an author, so I have a lot of money.

“An author? What do you write?”

At this moment, we sit down together at a table. She takes out her book, titled “The Project”. It is a story about time-travelling scientists who try to create an artificial environment where they can create new species through controlled evolution, but end up creating something completely different. I’ve heard it’s one of the all-time great novels.

I wrote it, I said.

“You did?” she asked.

Of course.

And it was only a moment later for me that Koin and I were in bed together. She was on top of me and looked deeply into my eyes. You’re one of the greatest people ever made, I said.

“Created by you, right?”

Yes, I said. I created everything here.

And soon I was going to destroy it all, but I didn’t tell her that.

At the funeral for Luminosa, we were together. Finally, all seven women together again, after so much time and so many trials. I finally felt that it was time to end it all, as this was the most poignant spot to do so.

I looked at Koin, whose arm was in mine. Should I really erase her so soon? She was a remarkable piece of art.

Koin, I said. Do you love me?

Suddenly, I felt a surge of pain as she twisted my arm and then pushed me onto the ground. She stood over me and said, “Of course not.”

The seven women gathered around me in a circle and looked over me. they began kicking me ceaselessly, the pain overwhelming up until I simply passed out.

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  1. What a Fine May Day. What a Fine May Day.

    Is this going to become a harem anime? If so shame on you!

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      A Harem of One

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