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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 41: Your Silver Garden

Finally, I gave a funeral for my favorite character in this cast assembled at the Rainbow Star– Luminosa.

Her glowing white hair, her knack for storytelling, her illusions of being the most powerful being in the universe… she was a character like no other, a beauty that maybe only I could grasp, but even that being enough.

I buried her in a small cemetery east of Interstate 75 in Tennessee, in the same place where my great-grandparents, and their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents were buried.

There was a funeral, but nobody came. Luminosa died like she was created– friendless, without a real purpose in life other than to create but with no creations left behind. I was the only one in attendance.

The sight was simply too tragic for me to handle. My tears could not flow alone, as it was not enough to wash away the sins that caused such a beautiful woman to perish.

So I made a hard decision, and I plucked the crew of the XSS Savior out of their realities and back into this one, where they could mourn with me.

Gan and Yvanetta entered through separate cars, which caused chatter but nothing more than slanderous rumor. They both wore the same black tuxedo and stood on opposite sides of the grave silently.

Lor and Tor arrived together, bringing their three daughters along with them, even though these daughters had no recollection of the woman who was essentially responsible for their existence. Well, it was mostly me, but I will give credit to her just this once. Tor shed a few tears, whispered something into Lor’s ear, and Lor told her daughters about how good a storyteller Luminosa used to be.

Brit came alone, and cried over Luminosa’s grave for thirty minutes uninterrupted.

Wins and her lover Sor came; Sor stood in the back while Wins laid flowers at the headstone, said a prayer, and walked away.

Where was Koin, you ask?

Well, she was with me, because she was now my lover.

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