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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 40: Wedding Ceremony for a Power Couple

Gan Mikka became Gan Yammoh that day, that day that the commander married her science officer.

They stood in front of the altar and let the priest recite the typical ceremonial jargon. Commander Mikka, who we will now know only as Gan, was so nervous that she was shaking in her high-heels, her white dress fluttering as if she were running in place.

Her foot moved the wrong way and bumped into the high heels belonging to the other bride, Dr. Yammoh, who we will know know only as Yvanetta. But you already knew that.

She was nervous, too, Yvanetta. But she stood tall, her jitters being contained within her overactive mind. If there was anything to go wrong here, it would be her dress ripping as she left the chapel.

With their powers combined, they were the undefeatable Yammoh family. After this wedding ceremony, they would be the number-one scientist in the galaxy, responsible for curing most diseases in the galaxy, and the top admiral in the Galactic Navy, the newly-unified world government of Earth created after peace talks lead by none other than Gan herself. No more war, no more disease, just the two coolest women of the universe being united.

It was more done for symbolism than love. Sure, they enjoyed each other’s presence greatly, but just the fact that two such women were married would bring hope and determination to the entire human race, they realized.

And it did.

Within fifty years, so many new space inventions were created that humans were able to explore all the galaxies, all the systems in each of those galaxies, in the entire cluster.

There were no sentient lifeforms to be found.

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