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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 39: Bad Romance

I gave the world exactly what they have always wanted with Wins, and I continued by giving the perfect epilogue to the most two perfect characters in the Rainbow Destructor saga: Lor and Tor.

They returned to their homeworld, and from the moment they stepped off the ship and back onto solid ground, holding hands, it was clear their adventure had changed them.

Lor looked into her twin sister’s eyes, those eyes she had seen every day her entire life and could tell every emotion from the moment they stemmed. And then she brought her eyes closer and closer until their faces were almost interlocked.

Their kiss lasted until the moment they signed the marriage license.

Lor literally carried Tor into the bedroom. She set her sister down on the bed and hopped on top of her before sliding off her skirt and taking off her own pants. Without taking off her top, Lor reached to Tor’s back and began unstrapping her bra. It slid off, and they kissed once more.

Was this such a terrible thing in their lives?

Of course not.

It was everything the readers wanted, I thought.

During all of this, Brit Forager was made to watch. She saw every time Lor reared her head backwards, listened to every time her former lover spoke sweet nothings into her twin sister’s ear, and was able to do nothing. I had her restrained just outside of this reality, so she could do nothing but view it.

She cried, but her voice could not carry out into the vacuum of nothingness surrounding her, so she was silent.

I believed that this would be the best epilogue of them all.

Was I right?

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