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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 38: Indigo 5

Wins returned to the Indigo world triumphantly, having been successful in her mission… whatever it was.

Sor was there, waiting for her.

They had exchanged harsh words in the past, but it was all gone now; they were in love, and love is exactly what they needed right now.

After the initial shock of differences wore off, Wins finally came to accept her blue skin as part of herself. That was the beauty of it; she was different, but so was everyone else, in certain ways. She was able to simply live with it.

Wins and Sor lived a happy life together, working a lot and never gaining many riches, but always being happy in their own lives. They never had children, but they always had each other.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“It’s because I’m so in love,” Wins told her, both of them lying in one bed one Saturday morning.

“No, I’m so in love with you,” said Sor.

“So love has blinded you?” Wins asks with a smirk, her fingers intertwined with her lover’s.

“Well… that’s not exactly what I meant by that.”

“But it’s probably true.”

Wins also learned for the first time in her life how to swim.

Because she had gills, she was able to breathe underwater. She was safe from the hazards, and was able to simply test out her swimming skills all day long.

It was tough.

She cried many times, and if she were a normal human she would have died many times over. But eventually she persisted; she could go from one end of the canal to the other in just three minutes, faster than anyone else.

If there was anything she could accomplish in her life, it was this. Love, and personal happiness.

Was there even anything else?

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