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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 37: I Am a God

Luminosa laid dying, and her world dissipated around her and the seven other women in the Rainbow Star.

It was clear that they were not going to let themselves become truly remarkable characters; they did not want to be part of a story with riveting stories, high drama, development in tight-paced story arcs, or anything like that.

They wanted to be free.

However, I wasn’t about to simply let them go.

Now was I?

Hey, girls, I tell them.

“What was that?” Mikka asked.

It’s just me, I said. I’ve been waiting to see you grow into the types of characters that would make for a truly entertaining story. But it seems now that you have killed my author avatar, that dear woman, you will most certainly never heed any of my requests.

“Who are you?” Yvanetta asked. “Are you the Rainbow Star? Because I know exactly how–”



I could barely stop laughing, hearing this.

No, no, I’m not the Rainbow Star, I said. I created the Rainbow Star. I created all of you. And I will probably, in the end, erase you too.

“We aren’t going down without a fight,” Koin said.

I can see that, from the way you murdered Luminosa so viciously.

Brit slumped over and then collapsed on the platform in tears, hugging her knees. She had finally come to accept the truth about herself, but not in a way I could channel that emotion into my writing. It became quite pointless, which is why I wrote her out to begin with.

If you simply will not join my story arcs, I said. Then I will simply give you an epilogue, and then I will let you vanish.

I would have raised my hands like Luminosa, doing some sort of spell to change reality, but I didn’t need to. I was the author, after all. I could just write it down.

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  1. What a Fine May Day What a Fine May Day

    I was joking about you being the main villain.

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