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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 36: In the Stone

There is a land far from this one, where there are wizards and monsters, ghouls and ghosts and goblins, there was once a plague by an evil witch.

This witch had unlocked great powers, ascending to a higher plane by means unknown, and had transformed herself into the Great Beast known only as… Luminosa.

She ravaged the lands and took the souls of the undead for herself, becoming ever-larger, the greatest threat the land had ever known.

But there was a prophecy, written in stone for a thousand generations. Seven warriors, each of them from a different kingdom in this land, would someday band together and bring their strength to fight this monster.

But these seven kingdoms, at this moment, were at war with each other.

The heroes we would eventually find their team, but for now, they were enemies.

Wins, warrior of the bluegills of the sea.

Brit Forager, the woodland queen.

Gan Mikka, a simple housewife in a small village.

Koin, a ravager searching for powerful, mystical coins.

Dr. Yammoh, leading scientist in the world and…. a fighter….

The… story began to fade…. before it even began…

The sweeping vistas…. the grand fantastical elements…

Luminosa only wanted…. Magic…

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