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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 35: Gnack

Luminosa and Brit re-entered the reality of the Rainbow Star, and Luminosa was covered in blood. Wins gasped.

It takes moments for Mikka to realize that her gun was stolen. “What did you do?”

“I ended all of this,” Brit says.

“No! You… you killed Luminosa!” Mikka ran over to her and held her in her arms.

Luminosa coughed up blood. “You were an idiot to the end…” Luminosa said. “I’m not dead yet. And if I make a successful world… I will live forever.” Luminosa coughed again. “Gnack…”

With that, Luminosa created her final world. With the blood pouring out of our veins, the world in the Rainbow Star shifted, and the eight women on the platform began to change once more. Hues of orange, magenta, pink, bronze overtook them all.

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