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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 34: Story of the Instant Consequence

“Our story starts with a bitch,” Luminosa began. She broke free of Brit’s grip and disappeared into the dark shadows around them. “There were two women, one a weapons officer, and another a fresh recruit.

“They were in love. They hit it off so gnacking quickly that they thought about getting married, at least before the end. Every time these two women looked at each other, their eyes shot beams of light into each other’s hearts. Everyone around them filled their hearts with hope when they saw this couple; if such love existed here, then surely it could exist in their own lives.

“It wasn’t as simple as that, though. The bitch was, well, as she was known. If this other woman was late to a party, if she forgot to call back for a few hours, she received screams in return. The bitch told her how much she loved her, but if she didn’t do what she told her, she would drop her like it was hot.

“And the woman, young and unable to grasp what real love was, was unable to do anything but comply with the bitch. She followed her around like a puppy, and the bitch took advantage of her constantly.

“So that’s why, when I entered your world, I chose the bitch to take over. I erased the problem completely.

“But not before the consequences arrived. When the girl came home with tears on her face and a bottle of pills in her hand one too many times, her twin sister finally caught wind of what was going on, and that’s when she struck.

“It was an instant. The bitch was tossed onto the ground, her face bloodied by the twin sister, rage and revenge inflicted upon her. And It was the end of that. She was fired from her team and cast out.

“And I took over.”

“You’re… you’re lying!” Brit growled. “I loved Lor. I love her. I’ve never done a thing to her. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Well, of course you don’t,” Luminosa said. “I erased Lor’s and Tor’s and everyone else’s memories. Naturally, yours went as well. You only remember the happy moments because that’s all you could hold onto. In reality, you’re a gnacking monster. I’m glad I was able to destroy everyone’s memories of you.”

“I’m… I’m going to kill you!”

“You would, bitch,” Luminosa said. She appeared again from the shadows and laughed.

But Luminosa didn’t realize that Brit had taken a gun from Mikka’s holster.


Luminosa’s chest leaked blood.

It was her instant consequence indeed.

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