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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 33: Enigma

Yvanetta Yammoh, the top scientist doctor in the world, was scared for the first time in her life. Explosions rocked the bunker overhead, and her lab table rocked for several seconds.

It was the height of the Great War.

And it was the end of Yvanetta’s tests.

Before her laid a series of test tubes, some filled with liquids and others not. This was the final test before she could make the vaccine that would end all this. This was the most exciting moment of her life.

Or, that’s what Luminosa wanted.

Yvanetta, of course, knew everything. Something about her, something special in her circumstances allowed her to set her mind past this illusion.

And she knew exactly what to do.

She threw each of the test tubes together, waited for something to happen… and nothing happened. Anyone with a basic knowledge of chemistry would know that there would be some sort of chemical reaction here, but Luminosa clearly did not.

And that’s how they were going to break out of the Rainbow Star, she realized as Luminosa pulled her back into reality.

“No, you don’t get to do that,” the woman said. “You can’t do this to me.”

Yvanetta smirked. “You’re weak. That’s why you couldn’t trap us in our worlds. That’s why you aren’t keeping us in these new ones for more than a moment. You think you’re toying with us, but really you’re just putting off the fact that you’re too weak to do anything else.”


“Erase me.”

“I will.” Luminosa raised her palm and Yvanetta began to shake. But right at that moment, Brit Forager charged at Luminosa. With no warning, there was no force field. Luminosa was knocked onto the floor.

Brit raised her fist to strike a knockout blow, but Luminosa grabbed her throat and screamed, “I’ll tell YOU a story now!”

The scenery around them faded. Now it was simply the two women, one on top of the other.

“This is the Story of the Instant Consequence!”

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