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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 32: A Flight and a Fright

Koin was with her two best friends, Kash and Kredit, the greatest warriors in the Great Gold Desert, and they were eating ice cream together. It was so hot, though, that every time Kredit took an ice cream sandwich out of the cooler it was half-melted before she could even hand it to Koin. It was very fast eating, this.

But the gang was used to a fast life by now. They had been travelling the Desert for weeks, going from town to town looking for the Lost Magical Coins that  together, would grant them mystical powers beyond imagination. Or so the legend went.

So far they had ten, but they needed to keep up the rapid pace because there were many rival factions trying to accomplish the same goal at the same time.

Fun, but deadly.

Just like– right now!

A rival, Kommando, burst out of the sand and attacked our three heroines, throwing Kash into the air and punching Kredit in the gut.

“I want those darn coins!” she shouted.

Koin was ready, and put several magical coins in her hand. “You want them? You can have them!”

The coins are weak by themselves, but they’re not nothing.


A fist full of quarters indeed!

Kommando goes flying to the ground, and–

Just then, Koin sees someone. A white-haired woman. The woman clenches her fist and pulls backwards, and Koin is pulled out of this world, back onto the rainbow platform.

“Do you see what I now mean?” Luminosa asks. “That is what people care for. Is it action, or is it characters? Is it story, or is it fun?”

“What do you even mean?” Koin slams her head in anguish against the platform. She loved that world. It was so much fun, and now… she’s back here.

“It doesn’t matter if you understand. It matters if the readers care.”

With a snap, Dr. Yammoh is the next to disappear.

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  1. What a Fine May Pole What a Fine May Pole

    In that universe, everyone’s name began with K, until one day someone with name with L came into the picture.

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      Never noticed until now

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