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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 31: Oblivion—-

Mikka felt a rush of white flow through her, like all the color in her life was completely drained away.

Everything around her vanished.

And then everything began to phase in.

Her memories began to fade away, everything about her life began to change. She was no longer the captain of the XSS Savior, but instead a simple housewife living in a small village. She was now happy, making tea for her spouse and her daughters and ending the day sitting by a fireplace whittling down pieces of wood into carvings to sell in the market every month.

It’s the life she always wanted, as Luminosa has now made it to be.

It’s the life we always wanted to read.

At least, that’s what we thought.

Mikka looked up from the small black pot she was stirring in to look at her beautiful daughter. A happy life, with no more excitement or danger. Just plain old love.

Mikka walked away from the stove and went over to her spouse, who was sitting in a rocking chair. She sat in her lover’s lap and they kissed. It was so lovely, so…

So boring.

No, this isn’t what readers wanted. they wanted high drama, high stakes, high explosions with punching and angry scowls around.

Luminosa waved her hand a few times and sucked Mikka out of that life.

She landed back on the platform in the center of the Rainbow Star, where she began to cry, immediately missing the life she had just experienced.

“You took me back… but why?”

“Because it’s the life you wanted,” Luminosa said. “But not the life readers wanted.”

What did that mean?

“I’ll make another example.” She waved her hand again, and Koin disappeared.

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