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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 30: Flashes of Light and a Fight

Everyone charged at Luminosa, attacking her with all their might. Lor and Tor threw synchronized punches, while Koin pulled out two small hand pistols and began firing away. But everything simply bounced off her.

Mikka, still not entirely sure what was going on but definitely willing to support her crew members, tried to roundhouse kick Luminosa, but missed by several inches and collapsed onto the ground.

It was clearly useless to be fighting someone with a force field around her.

And Luminosa was taking great pleasure in it, as well.

“I was hoping for a fight like this,” she said. “Everyone going at it as if it were the final moments of their lives. How exciting! Will you be able to resolve your character arcs before you are killed?”

“What the gnack are you talking about?” Koin shouted before throwing her empty pistols at the force field. The guns, of course, bounced off and flew off the platform, disintegrating into the Rainbow Star’s flashing rays.

Wins laughed to herself as all this was going on. What a pretty place to die, if there was nothing they could do about it. After all she experienced in that world full of indigo-skinned people, and all that was left unsaid as it faded away so soon, she couldn’t help feeling unfulfilled. A part of her wanted to go back, if only to end her conversation with Sor, who surely didn’t deserve all that anger she directed towards her. It was just…

A beam of light whizzed past Wins’s head; with her reflexes she was able to dodge it, but most anyone else would have been decapitated.

Luminosa put Lor in a chokehold and slammed her to the ground. She began laughing, not maniacally but definitely with the air of not-quite-sanity.

”I’d really like an explanation for all this,” Mikka said. “Can you not kill us, please?”


“But… Luminosa, we grew up together! Remember all the time on Rethal? Remember the way we used to go out to my grandfather’s shed and–”

Luminosa pointed at Mikka and shot a very small beam of light, hitting her in the chest and knocking her to the ground. “Commander Gan Mikka,” she said. “You’re incredibly dense. How did you score such high marks at the Academy, anyway?”

“Gnack you.” Well, that certainly got her angry, finally.

Luminosa sighed. “Dear, I implanted false memories into you and all of the passengers. We never actually met before recently, when I took over Brit Forager’s position on the ship.”

“Wh… what?”

“Wasn’t this obvious? I am an avatar, a messenger of my master. I am not a real person in of my own. I have no backstory to give details on, besides what false feelings you may have been given.”

Mikka collapsed onto the ground again, this time falling to her knees in shock. “Gnack.”

Luminosa stopped fighting and deflecting everyone else’s attacks. “You know what? Maybe I’m not done with you yet. Maybe I’ll grant you one last piece of grace before I erase all of you.” She paused, waiting for someone to ask for clarification, but everyone simply stood silently. “I’m going to give you the lives you want.”

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  1. What a Fine May Pole What a Fine May Pole

    And so she proceeded to literally do just that, everyone lived happily ever after.

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