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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 29: Story of the Missing World

Luminosa began her tale, with seven other women, all members of the XSS Savior, gathered around her in tense poses. The Rainbow Star around them flashed with endlessly-colorful bursts of light, providing a nice backdrop for the story to come.

And she said:

“Once, long ago, there was a universe, just as there always is in tales such as these.

“But there was not much in this universe. There were no alien species conquering the stars, no planets filled with wonders and desires and dangers that the mind could barely process. There was only one species, and it was a boring one: humanity.

“Humanity functioned as it always did, flourishing in places, floundering in others. It spread through the stars as best it could, but was continually set back by infighting, tribalism, greed, all the sorts of things you would expect in people. It was still divided into hundreds of small governments, even thousands of years into its space age.

“And that was all there was.

“And my master, the one who inhabited this world, found it to be truly boring. A universe that was devoid of true excitement. A ‘missing world’, if you will.

“My master saw these humans flying into the vacuum, occasionally fighting, but never truly accomplishing anything significant, and deemed that it was simply unfit for consumption. So changes were made.

“A messenger, an avatar was sent to replace one particularly uninteresting human and to ‘spice things up’. This avatar existed to provide intrigue, mystery, to give this universe a driving factor that would bring it consumption in ever-greater number.

“However, this avatar was merely a signal for things to come. The true spirit of my master was given to this Rainbow Star. It possessed the true creative energy, the true transformative potential that would allow this universe to become something truly special, something beyond its original purpose of a complacent reality to exist within.

“The Rainbow Star has made this world new again.”

And that was Luminosa’s story.

Mikka raised her hand. “That was a really good story,” she said. “But… what does it mean? What does the Rainbow Star symbolize?” Clearly, Mikka had missed the actual point.

“That’s not for the author to tell,” Luminosa said. “And as the author’s avatar, I can not truly say with certainty what anything represents. ‘Death of the Author’ and all.”

Forager began to charge at Luminosa, aiming to strike her down in one blow with her pink-skinned fist, but there was an invisible force field blocking Luminosa in a one-meter radius. She bounced off and slid onto the edge of the platform.

She overlooked the infinite abyss of rainbow energy below her and gulped.

“What are you going to do next, Luminosa?” Yammoh asked. “Why are we here? What is all of this? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“You weren’t supposed to escape your worlds,” Luminosa said. “You were still being developed; your characters were still being fleshed out into being truly interesting. So you must be erased.”

With that, Luminosa’s dress began to glow bright like the sun around them. Beams of light shot out in all directions.

There was going to be a fight scene after all.

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