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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 26: Violet

The gang was almost back together.

“The gang” meaning the crew of the XSS Savior.

In each of these worlds, there was one member of the crew, stranded and alone for some unknown reason. It was somehow related to the rainbow star that they plunged headfirst into some time ago, but none of them could figure out why.

They had Yvanetta Yammoh. Miles Koin. Lor. Gan Mikka. Wins. And the mysterious pink-skinned Brit Forager, who was the human form of their AI system Maenad. Six crew members, and only two to go from here.

This whole situation was completely out of control and out of comprehension. They had all been stuck in these stupid worlds for so long, it was hard to know what was real and what wasn’t anymore. It was getting hard to remember what even came before all this, what caused them to fly into the Zig System in the first place and be attacked by all those monsters.

What happened to all the men and women whose ships were destroyed before them? What happened to CATS?

They realized that this was going to be the time for them to find out. Now.

“This should be the last world on this spectrum,” said Dr. Yammoh.

“What makes you say that?” Koin asked.

“Well, it’s been going by color, hasn’t it? Each of our worlds has had a color theme, and I was the first one, so I’ve been advancing through it in the order of the color spectrum. This next world, the one appearing before us now, should be violet.”

“Oh, gnack, I hope Tor is here,” Lor said.

Mikka mused. “But what about–”

The violet world appeared before them. It was very bright violet, the dark hue of a nearby star glowing its faint rays onto whatever planet this was.

And Tor was here.

Tors, actually.

They instantly saw that there was not one Tor, but seven Tors, each of them looking exactly the same, and just as shy as usual.

Lor fainted.

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  1. What a Fine May Pole What a Fine May Pole

    It was a dream come true.

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