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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 24: Indigo 3

Wins finally met someone else…

Someone blue.

Like her.

This was some sort of strange revelation. Without even knowing who this woman was, she felt a connection to her. Like some sort of base instinct to trust her, to feel camaraderie with her simply because she was no longer one-of-a-kind.

“My name is Sor,” the woman said. “I noticed you were having some difficulty in your time in the city today. Not that I was watching you, of course. You just… stand out.” She smirked.

“H-h-hello,” Wins began. “My name is Wins. I am– I was a pilot.”

Sor chuckled. “I can see that from your outfit. Where are you from?”

“Well… not from here, that’s for sure.”

They both laughed.

“It’s a cute suit you have though,” Sor said. “Very cute.”

“Really?” Wins blushed, her cheeks turning a darker blue. Almost identical to the indigo skin everyone else possessed.

“Yeah,” she said. “You know what’d look better?”


“Your suit,” she said. “On my floor.”


Wins and Sor laid in bed in a dingy one-room apartment. It was not very comfortable and the bed was too small to comfortably suit two people, and the air conditioning was broken so they were both very sweaty, and it was too dark with the blinds peering in just a little bit of moonlight and street lights from the outside. But it was nice.

“I haven’t felt this way in a while,” Wins said.


“Lust, love, affection, any of that,” she replied. “The whole realm of romance has been foreign to me for a while. I was just so focused on my job and career that I never much considered it.”

“Well, looks like things change, don’t they?” Sor asked.

“It sure looks that way.”

They clasped their hands together.

It was nice.

After a long period of time cuddling– how long, Wins couldn’t tell, as was often the case when cuddling– Sor broke free and began to get up from the bed and go to the bathroom.

“Oh, uh, Wins,” she said. “You can go to sleep. I’m going to take a bath and relax for a while.”

“Oh, I can join you if–”

“I’m sorry.” She gave a face of disappointment. “Baths are my… I like to take them to think about things.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“So just go to sleep and don’t worry about anything.”

And she went into the bathroom, and closed the door shut, and the tub began running.

Wins tried to sleep, but she felt a certain pleasure with her life that she simply hadn’t really felt in quite a long time, maybe since she went to the Academy. Oh, her schooling years were so long ago.

After a while, Wins realized she needed to pee pretty badly. How long had it been since Sor went into the bath? Meh, she was probably done thinking by now.

So she opened the bathroom door, and–

There was Sor, laying in the tub, her skin indigo-colored besides a few specks of blue remaining on her thigh and on her face.

There was a tube of skin dye sitting there in the bathroom.

Sor was a fake.


But why?

To what end? What was going on?

Sor saw her, jumped, and then relaxed her composure. “Sweetie,” she said. “I guess there’s no talking my way out of this one.”

“But… why?”

“Being blue’s in right now,” Sor said. “It’s like you’re rebelling against the system. Fighting the man by standing out. Maybe you don’t see it that way, seeing as you’re some weird alien, but it’s a popular fad in the counterculture here.”

Wins could barely process this insanity. “Weird alien?” was the first thing her mouth blurted.

“Yeah. The fins on the sides of your head. Kinda gives it away, huh?”

Wins felt that emotion again…


Her heart shattered into a hundred pieces and it all returned to shame.

And then at that moment, in the bedroom, several figures suddenly appeared.

The crew of the XSS Savior.

What the gnack?

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  1. What a Fine May Pole What a Fine May Pole

    And so one of the classic nightmare scenarios occurs. Naked in front of peers.

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      You started reading again, I am surprised and pleased

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