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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 23: Indigo 2

Wins was in a coffee shop. A coffee shop of all places. She was trying to order some food, any amount of food. She hadn’t eaten since… since before she ended up in this strange place, that’s for sure. She and Koin skipped their meal before the battle to work on the ship, and she didn’t see Luminosa to take her portion before they came out of Warp Zone and the fighting began.

Oh gnack, she was so hungry.

But every place she went, everyone just kept staring at her. They looked at her as if she were some sort of alien creature. Though, she guessed to these indigo-skinned beings, she WAS an alien.

The only one who was different.

And now, in this hole-in-the-wall cafe, she stood in front of the cashier, stammering out her order. “A… A sandwich would be nice. Any kind. Uh, a black coffee with two sugars, too, please. If you could.”

The cashier stared at her blankly. “Four credits,” she said, finally.

Wins pulled out some credit chips from her suit pocket. Oh, gnack, she was wearing her flight suit, wasn’t she? That must look so embarrassing. She wasn’t even fashionable.

She presented four credits to the cashier, who then pushed her hand back.

“Those aren’t credits,” the cashier said.


The cashier pulled out strange paper money and showed it to Wins. What kind of foolishness was this? Paper money? What intrinsic value did that have? All credits acted as high-powered processors and were useful across the galaxy, hence their use as a standard currency. What use was paper?

But still…

She didn’t have any money that this cashier would accept.

So she bowed and left, her stomach rumbling as if timing the situation perfectly.

This was horrid.

And then….

She saw something in the alley nearby. Something she thought couldn’t be true. But she followed anyway. She ran down the alley as fast as she could, hoping that it wasn’t some delusion of hunger. And… it wasn’t.

At the end of the alley was a woman.

And her skin was bright blue.

“Hello,” the woman said. “My name is Sor.”

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  1. Do you have any type of ideas for writing write-ups? That’s where I always battle as well
    as I just finish up staring vacant screen for long time.

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445


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