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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 22: Indigo

Wins awoke not in a pilot’s seat, nor in some desolate wasteland filled with strange beacons or creatures or metaphorical tasks seemingly necessary to complete.

No, she awoke in the middle of a sprawling city.

There were beings everywhere, bustling and hustling and rustling through the landscape, each of as them paintings in motion. This was what normal life was like, wasn’t it?

Wins grew up on Calexork, a progressive planet full of small settlements called “Community Centers”, where people brought their families and experimented genetically, modifying their DNA structure and trying to create new forms of humans. After so many centuries of space exploration, humans had yet to find a single sentient species other than their own, only the occasional animal or other sort of organic lifeforms with which they simply could not effectively communicate. With this lonely existence in mind, the people of Calexork sought to change humanity’s fate.

And that’s why Wins had blue skin and wide-open eyes, a body adapted to the water even though she never learned to swim as Calexork lacked any significant oceans. It was pointless modification for the seeming evolution of the species over tens of thousands of years, and Wins wished she’d never been apart of it.

She wished she could live in a city, living a normal life like any other girl…

Like here.

She quickly noticed everyone here also had oddly-colored skin. Every single person here had skin of…



She approached one of them, a man in a suit carrying a briefcase, dawdling towards what seemed to be a shuttle stop. Was he going off-world for business?

“Hello,” Wins greeted him. “I, uh, I would like to ask you something.”

The man took a few glances at her, gave a sneer, and walked on past the stop where he seemed to be heading, walking in a hurry.

What was his problem?

A beautiful woman, her indigo skin fluttering in the wind as if it sparkled, walked by, owning the world as she stomped the pavement with her boots. She took one look at Wins, and then sped up her pace.

A mother with a small boy by her side walked by. The boy pointed and tilted his head. “Why’s that girl have such weird skin?”

“Come dear,” the mother said. “Let’s not talk to strange people.”

It soon became very clear that she was the only person on this planet with blue skin. It made her absolutely apparent to everyone around her, and every single person was looking.

Wins was not even wondering how she got here or why she was here. Her mind skipped straight to the more basal of emotions– shame.

She felt terrible.

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  1. What a Fine Leperchaun What a Fine Leperchaun

    “Dang Blue-Skins, always getting those movies about them. What about us Purple-Skins, huh?”

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      INDIGO skins!

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