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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 20: Green 2

Lor reached the shining green beacon in the darkness.

She touched at it, went inside the light, danced around, examined it. All she could think of she could do… but there was nothing.

It must have been days. Had to have been. The passage of time was slow, unobservable as the scenery failed to ever change. Lor walked far, far away from the beacon, so far it could barely be seen by the faintest of glimpses with the strongest of eyes, but still there was nothing.

Just rolling hills of grass and night.

And Lor.

And when she made it back to the beacon, she slept and went hungry and felt the sweat from her brow, in her armpits seep into her flight suit and give her a foul odor which she could not clean.

And through all of this all she truly wondered was whether or not Tor was safe.

Poor Tor.

In a sudden snap, not a vortex or a shining light, Koin, Yammoh, and an unfamiliar pink face appeared before her suddenly. They were as perplexed as she was by this sudden emergence.

“Lor?” the pink one called out. “You’re safe? Oh gnack you’re safe!” She ran up to Lor, grabbed her by the waist, and began to zoom in for a kiss, but Lor broke away.

“Wh… who are you?”

The pink one looked at her as if she had offended her very core. But it shifted to a different disposition in mere moments.

“I’m Brit Forager,” she said. “Nice to… make your acquaintance once again.”

She did not know what those words truly meant, but from the look on the woman’s face, they meant a lot more than she let on.

The green light dissipated and the sky cleared up. The animals came out of their burrows and began feasting on the expanse of grass.

Lor realized this was all an illusion after all.

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  1. What a Fine Leperchaun What a Fine Leperchaun

    Nice to meet you Brit

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      Brit Forager, at your service!

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