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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 18: Orange

Conundrum was a thing for Maenad, system for AI in computers on XSS Savior.

The room in the vicinity around it was of the color orange, and that only was. Maenad was pink.

As an AI the movement was of difficulty, actually impossibility. There laid at the center of the orangeness room a button, small, and pink also.

“Maenad is computer system researching ability,” it said to itself. “Probability of that it is a button to push is very high.”

“But cannot.”

AI computer movement is not a thing.

So, as pushing buttons, also is not.

And so it like this was how Maenad was sitting for a time that had length.

That was, until Yvanetta appeared in the room next to that projected pink hologram of Maenad. The room was somewhat blinding as a shift from the red hues of her previous planet, but at least it was smaller.

Oh no… Maenad… what did this wretched place do to it?

Maenad was no longer simply a round pink sphere…. but was growing to human shape. It probably didn’t even notice, but it now had a full body outline in two dimensions, still growing and filling itself out. It was still fully-pink, but something about an AI system being trapped in whatever Yvanetta was trapped in seemed to be messing with… reality.

There was a pink button in the center of the room, very pressable. But of course Maenad could not do that itself…

So Yvanetta pushed it for it.

Suddenly, Maenad’s partial-human shape filled completely out, and fell to the ground. The pink color did not fade, but it now had a face (with no visible eyes) and was wearing the XSS Savior uniform.

“I’m saved!” Maenad shouted.


“After our mission on Cygnus X-1, I was injured and placed in a stasis chamber, but then…. when I woke up, I could no longer think straight and all I could see were computer screens in front of me. It was like some sort of nightmare. Everything was… pink.”

Yvanetta felt a washing-over of some sort of emotion, but she could not figure it out. “Who… are you?”

“I’m Brit Forager, Chief weapons officer of the XSS Savior,” she said. “You don’t…. remember me, Dr. Yammoh?”

Today was already a long day. It was going to be quite a lot longer, Yvanetta realized.

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  1. What a Fine Leperchaun What a Fine Leperchaun

    Flesh ball transformation is not what I was expecting.

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      Why NOT

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