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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 17: Red 4

The flowers said that Yvanetta was going to be able to save them from the “Red Terror”, the expansion of the system’s sun that would destroy the planet eventually.

She just wanted to escape.

The flowers begged and pleaded, but she could give no answer, nothing satisfactory to calm them down. And now, they’re gone.

Under the dirt.

It was getting really hot, now.

Over the generations, Yvanetta guessed the grass and trees and other plants that stayed above grounds were the ones that were able to survive well enough to defend against the heat. The flowers were not a species that could do that, though, but they survived because of their power of movement.

Most species would never be that lucky, like humans.

Gnacking humans.

The heat kicked up, A degree celsius every minute.



The sweat poured over Yvanetta’s face. Her glasses fogged up. She tried hiding underneath the shade in a tree, but the grass was so hot that it burned her legs to sit down.


Everything was so hot. She found a spring for water… but it was too hot. Everything was searing with pain.


  1. She was dying. Shriveling up before her eyes.

The flowers began popping up around her, seemingly holding a wake for her. Yvanetta didn’t want to die.

But what else was there?


Was this even real?


The sun faded away and everything began to grow dark.


This WASN’T real.

The water, grass, trees… it couldn’t all be as dead as the flowers said. This was too hot for a dehydrated human, but… for the whole of the Earth? This was nothing.

Everything around her was an illusion, Yvanetta realized.

And at that moment, everything faded to red and popped.

She was free.

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  1. What a Fine Leperchaun What a Fine Leperchaun

    She’ll be fine, she’s just taking a nice tan.

    Also, if you’re wondering why these comments are so close to each other, its because I read your chapters in clusters then comment afterwards.

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      You would do such a thing as cluster comment… What a fiend! (Comments are lovely, never stop doing what you do, What a Fine [Person].)

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