Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 14: Yellow

Koin, upon waking up, was extremely displeased with her current situation in life.

The yellow shine that reflected off everything around her was blindingly-bright. She was laying down in a very uncomfortable bed of some sort, and there was what seemed to be a desert surrounding her in all directions, all the way her blurry eyes could see.


After a few moments, her eyes cleared up. It was still hard to see anything on account of the coins, but she was at least entering consciousness.

And then….

And then.

That’s when she looked down.

She wasn’t laying on a bed, nor the ground.

The desert around her was not made of sand.

All around her, as far as the eye could see, was gold. Precious metals.

Golden coins, and mountains of them.

Heh, coins. Koin. That was kind of funny, she thought.

Why the gnack was she here, though, and where was everyone else?

Well, maybe that didn’t matter at the moment, because that meant she could take more for herself.

Holy hell she was going to build a really good ship with this money.

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    1. Swimming in money is so much better than dying of heat stroke or an endless time loop.

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