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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 13: Red 2

Yvanetta was now in the town, as her flower-alien companion Tamingo referred to it as.

It was more like a meadow, though.

There were hundreds of plants flittering about, mostly staying in place, but occasionally going underground and popping up somewhere near by. How were they doing that? It made no sense as far as she could tell.

This was clearly no dream because of how lucid she was, but Yvanetta was a bit concerned about her own sanity at this moment.

All the flowers, the denizens of this town, were brightly-colored and varied in shape in size, but the red hue cast over the entire planet was dulling how exciting everything looked. They chattered about as if Yvanetta did not exist, and simply went about their day. Maybe humans weren’t a new sight here like she assumed.

She walked through the– oh, oops, better not step on these plants. She treaded very carefully through the grass full of flower denizens, following Tamingo, whose figure she had to pay attention to very closely as it looked almost exactly like a dozen other plants.

Finally, Tamingo stopped at a circle of slightly larger flowers, resting themselves around a mushroom-covered stump.


“Here they are,” Tamingo said. “The village elders.”

Not knowing exactly what to respond with, she bowed a little and said, “Hello, hello. My name is Yvanetta Yammoh, the chief science officer of the XSS Savior, a Taiwan-class cruiser in the United Alliance of Federated Empires. The only science officer, actually, but my position still says ‘chief’ on it.” They turned towards her slowly, and she stopped talking.

“She has come,” one of them said.

“She has come,” another one said.

“She has come, the one who will save us from the Red Terror!” they all shouted in unison.

What? “What?”

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  1. What a Fine Leperchaun What a Fine Leperchaun

    Ah yes, the Red Terror known as COMMU-

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      The Red Terror must be eradicated!

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