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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 10: Red

Yvanetta’s eyes flashed open.

“Wh… What?”

She struggled to move her body.

Right now, Yvanetta was in the middle of a small grove, surrounded by small trees, laying down in soft, dry grass. There was a dandelion next to her head.

She worked up the energy to pick herself up, but realized her body was very sore. What had happened to her?

The last thing she remembered was….



She was fighting that squid-like monster and it knocked her out.

And now she was… in a grassland of some sort.

How long was she out? Certainly had to be more than a few hours, because they were no longer on the planet Dexon-C, as that one was almost entirely made of its Ammonia-and-Borax ocean with only a few landmasses protruding from its depths.

“Hey, Commander Mikka, are you here?” she called out.

Commander Mikka was a real jerk, though. For all she knew, she dumped her here on some unknown planet just because she was weighing down the ship. Yvanetta bet she was already back on Veicion, getting a medal from Minister Malorious and a hundred thousand en to boot.

There was no telling where she was right now, except for the deep red hue surrounding everything. Even the grass was kind of red. She looked at this planet’s sun, and, yes, it was a red dwarf. Most likely. Its glow was cool, but it made the entire planet look as if it were under a crimson spotlight.

“What should I do?”

Suddenly, a shrill voice rang out. “I have just the idea,” it said.

Yvanetta jumped. “What was that?”

“Down here!”

Yvanetta looked down and saw the dandelion from before.

It had a face and a mouth.

“Yeah, here,” it said. “My name’s Tamingo. You’re…?”

“Dr. Yvanetta Yammoh of the XSS Savior.”

“Okay, Ms. Savior, you look like you’re pretty lost.”

“Ms. Yammoh. Uh, Dr. Yammoh. But yes, I am very lost. Could you tell me where I am?” She couldn’t believe she was talking to a plant right now. A thousand years searching for sentient life in the galaxy and the first one ever discovered was a talking flower. Where was she?

“Well, I’m just a simple flower, so I don’t think I could tell you everything you need to know,” said Tamingo. “You need to go to town and talk to the elders!”

“Uh, where’s that?”

“I’ll show you, follow me!”

Follow… it? How did–

The flower popped into the ground, and then moments later popped up a few meters away. “This way,” it said.


This was certainly proving to be an interesting day. She wondered if she was just dreaming this due to a bad concussion or something… but it was real enough for now.

Yvanetta followed Tamingo.

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  1. What a Fine Chocolfied Baby What a Fine Chocolfied Baby

    I see Yvanetta has ended up in Wonderland.

    • Thedude3445 Thedude3445

      As we all do, sometimes

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