Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 26: Violet

The gang was almost back together.

“The gang” meaning the crew of the XSS Savior.

In each of these worlds, there was one member of the crew, stranded and alone for some unknown reason. It was somehow related to the rainbow star that they plunged headfirst into some time ago, but none of them could figure out why.

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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 23: Indigo 2

Wins was in a coffee shop. A coffee shop of all places. She was trying to order some food, any amount of food. She hadn’t eaten since… since before she ended up in this strange place, that’s for sure. She and Koin skipped their meal before the battle to work on the ship, and she didn’t see Luminosa to take her portion before they came out of Warp Zone and the fighting began.

Oh gnack, she was so hungry.

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Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 21: Blue 3


When Mikka’s eyes opened, she immediately saw a flurry of action all around her. She was in the middle of some sort of battle, but her mind couldn’t spring into consciousness fast enough to register it.

She was…

She was in an ocean, blue all the way the eyes could see.

She wasn’t dead, so she was wearing a suit. Okay.

There was… wait.

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