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Month: February 2019

Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 37: I Am a God

Luminosa laid dying, and her world dissipated around her and the seven other women in the Rainbow Star.

It was clear that they were not going to let themselves become truly remarkable characters; they did not want to be part of a story with riveting stories, high drama, development in tight-paced story arcs, or anything like that.

They wanted to be free.

Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 30: Flashes of Light and a Fight

Everyone charged at Luminosa, attacking her with all their might. Lor and Tor threw synchronized punches, while Koin pulled out two small hand pistols and began firing away. But everything simply bounced off her.

Mikka, still not entirely sure what was going on but definitely willing to support her crew members, tried to roundhouse kick Luminosa, but missed by several inches and collapsed onto the ground.

It was clearly useless to be fighting someone with a force field around her.