Rainbow Destructor – Chapter 11: Green

Lor awoke to a desolate land of dark plains, shadows cast over the vast hills in front of her. She was standing up.

There was nobody around her. No animals, no trees. Just rolling hills of grass stretching on beyond the horizon, blackened in shade.

Except for one opening in the clouds. Far off in the distance (whether it was north, south, east, or west was impossible to know), there was a light, some sort of beacon shining upwards. It was a hazy green, a bright contrast to the dark world around it. A moody glow in the night.

She realized, in being alone… her crew was nowhere to be found. Her sister Tor was nowhere to be found. Oh, gnack, she hoped Tor was okay.

With no-one around to help her out, no-one around to tell her where to go, what to do, there was little to do but head towards that green beam in the sky.

It might be a bad idea, she realized. She didn’t know what planet she was on, who inhabited it, or what laid at the origin point of that light.

But from what she could see, that was the only option available to her.

Lor went.

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